Believers Birth Rights: Part 5

Daniel von Stephani : Nuremberg, Germany

Daniel von Stephani : Nuremberg, Germany

We have come to know Your ways

from days of walking in coolness

absorbing the sound of Your footsteps

We’ve learned the dance

How You step this way and not that

And now, You pause and smile, asking us with Your eyes

Which way we ought to walk

With only whispers remembered as our guide

From times we had turned this way and that

right and left

we return the smile and say, “This is the way, walk in it.”

Lead us not into temptation,

for this is not the path You taught us to tread

Yes, You have led us through

valley and shadow

of dead and dry bones

but ever with us, we ever feasted

even in the presence of gnashing teeth

gaping jaws of devouring beasts


So, we have come to know You do not lead into temptation

but through it, into victory

so let sweet aroma kick up from the dust of our feet

as we dance this way and not that

the Teacher in this moment letting the student lead

We now know the way, so we say, “Deliver us from evil”

-Ryan Internicola

Jeff Roeters