We believe that every church in our region should have access to local worship training...

The People on a hill Worship Academy provides ongoing training opportunities for Worship Leaders, Musicians, and Technicians. Our instructors are some of the best leaders in the region and represent many different churches.  

Our teaching objectives are 3 fold, and are expressed in Psalm 33:3 (NIV)

"Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy."


Some call it "anointing", some call it "flowing in the Spirit", the Psalmist calls it a "new song".  This is the passionate , free expression of the heart towards God in worship.  Everyone carries a unique passion.  Our training helps leaders identify and hone that passion.


Our passion for God will continually drive us to "play skillfully" as an act of worship.  We teach tools for a lifestyle of learning, growing and worshipping God through excellence.  


When passion and skill are combined, a unified "shout for joy" rises from our worship community.  Corporate worship is built on foundations of communication, relationship and celebration of each member's identity in Christ.  We teach you how to worship and take others with you. 

Classes & Conferences

The Worship Leader Mentorship Program

Flow in the Spirit

The Worship Musician Mentorship Program


We will come to you, evaluate your team and customize training to meet your needs!


For graduates of our training who sense a call to a life of Worship Leadership or Media Ministry. 

Regional Conferences & Songwriting Retreats