Winter 2019

[Jan 9 - Mar 13]

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Learn to flow

Have you ever noticed a worship leader going "off script", doing something unplanned, singing something... spontaneous? Have you ever wondered why or how they do that?

Have YOU ever wanted to "flow in the Spirit"?

We created a class for YOU! "Flow In The Spirit" will show you the biblical origins of spontaneous worship, the life-changing reasons WHY we do it and God-prescribed ways to grow in your own "heart song."

In this 9-week course we will explore subjects including: 

  • Defining “Flow”: biblical examples and origins.

  • Why we flow: the effects and impact of spontaneous worship.

  • How to flow: God-prescribed steps

  • Anointing and Skill: the essential interaction of spontaneity & structure.

  • Singing the bible: it's a song-book!

  • Non-verbal spontaneity: other expressions of spontaneous worship.

  • The importance of boldness and clarity: pursuing the corporate “Amen!”

  • Spontaneous worship as a flashpoint for songwriting

This course focuses on the vocal aspect of spontaneous worship.

While there won't be in-depth instrumental training, we will address some basic musical dynamics. Each 1 hour session will combine foundational Bible teaching with practical instruction and application. You will practice and grow in singing your own "heart song"! 

Here are some more details:

Our Instructors, including Andrew Wendt and Gregory Kayne, have been leading spontaneous worship privately and corporately for many years. We are so excited to share our "secrets" with you!

Duration: 9 weeks, January 9 - March 13, 2019 (no class February 20.)

Time: Wednesdays, 6:45pm-8:00pm (registration / sign in at 6:45pm, class begins at 7:00pm sharp.)

Location: 321 East Avenue Rochester NY.                              

Instructors: Andrew Wendt, Gregory Kayne and more!

Cost: $150 paid in full by first session. 

Payments are made exclusively through People on a hill's online portal. No cash or check. No refunds. Scholarships available based on need.

Format: lecture, small group and hands-on application.

Childcare available from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Children must be picked up at 8pm sharp. 


  • To significantly expand the student’s understanding of biblical teaching on spontaneous worship expressions.

  • To significantly enhance the student’s ability to practice "flowing in the Spirit" / singing their own "heart song".

  • To significantly enhance every student’s ability to engage in corporate spontaneous worship with leaders, musicians and congregants.

The student who fully engages with this course will become noticeably more confident in their own expressions of spontaneous worship and will receive a certificate of completion upon fulfilling all course requirements.


  • The class is best suited for students age 16* or older (*parental release form must be signed for students under 18.) Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. 

  • *Full attendance, **participation and excellent attitude for the duration of the course.

    *Students who miss more than 2 classes will not be eligible for the certificate and will be switched to “audit” status with no refund of tuition.

    **There will be homework assignments requiring up to 1 hour of time outside of class each week.

  • $150 tuition paid in full and Student Agreement signed by first class session.

  • Basic musical knowledge / ability is helpful, but not required.


Our final class session concludes with an extended time of spontaneous worship in which our students and Instructors apply what we have learned together!