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Instrument Training Seminar

1-Day Instrumental Seminar with People on a hill!

Learn what every WORSHIP MUSICIAN needs to know! 

There are musicians and then there are WORSHIP musicians! Our calling is distinct and it requires unique understandings and abilities.

People on a hill brings together some of the best Worship Musicians in the Rochester region to share with you and your teammates what every worship musician needs to know!

Maybe you have a great team and you are ready to take it to the next level!

Perhaps you have been struggling to connect and grow as a band.

Or, you are just hungry to develop your skills as a Worship Musician!

The People on a hill 1-Day Instrumental Seminar is for you!"


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to Aug 26

Here & Now Festival

People On A Hill will be opening up at the Here and Now Festival With Elevation Worship! 2 day event collaboration of local churches and ministries. Starting on August 25th with Elevation Worship! Saturday will begin at 11:00am and end at 9:00pm with over 60 vendors and food trucks along with various artists and speakers.

Come out and enjoy Christian worship and messages while learning about local churches and ministries. Enjoy the various food vendors and trucks along with many booths offering jewelry, woodworking, t-shirts, food, artist merch book stores, and so much more.

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